Clever, ghostly and charmed

What a cryptic, creepy & supernatural experience that was. This left me guessing and guessing and guessing. What a talented author Mordant is, to include hard hitting subjects such as ancestory and domestic violence, but with the huge spin of paranormal pocession. ⁣⁣I felt at first whether alone at night, this was going to beContinue reading “Clever, ghostly and charmed”

This superb novel takes gothic horror to a most frightening level

This superb novel takes gothic horror to a most frightening level. The horrible bits are stomach churning, made more acute by the contrast between these sections and the rest of Mordant’s elegant prose. What is Emma escaping from and why is she headed to the very cool sounding Flammark – a seemingly chocolate-box village? There,Continue reading “This superb novel takes gothic horror to a most frightening level”

Outstanding! One of my favourite books of the year; it deserves more than five stars.

Wow! This book is completely awesome! I honestly couldn’t put it down and would have read it all in one day if my eyes hadn’t decided it was time to sleep and I wanted my full wits about me as the electrifying conclusion approached. Described as a supernatural thriller, it really only dips its toeContinue reading “Outstanding! One of my favourite books of the year; it deserves more than five stars.”

A suspenseful, well written, engaging gothic tale.

The story starts by introducing us to the central character, Emma, who leaves an abusive and controlling relationship to start afresh in the sleepy village of Flammark. As she comes to terms with the new life in the village, she starts to realise that everything is not as it initially seemed. As Emma engages withContinue reading “A suspenseful, well written, engaging gothic tale.”

A real page turner!

I really enjoyed this book, a great read and page turner. I loved the mix of genres with just the right amount of creepiness for my vivid imagination. The dialogue is relatable, I found myself muttering a few choice words along with the characters in parts! Would definitely recommend and can’t wait for the nextContinue reading “A real page turner!”