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I’ve given four or five stars on other review sites for all the books you see here. I won’t review books I don’t like. Here you will find honest opinions – no point otherwise – and any criticism you may discover is always well-intentioned and aims to be constructive. All comments welcome.

Face Off! “The Dark Chorus” by Ashley Meggitt and “The Sadeiest” by Austrian Spencer

I read these two books back-to-back by accident rather than design. I’m glad of the confluence because it pointed up a stark similarity in their themes that was simply impossible to ignore.   Both have a take on the release of souls. At the start of The Dark Chorus (TDC), the concept is introduced throughContinue reading “Face Off! “The Dark Chorus” by Ashley Meggitt and “The Sadeiest” by Austrian Spencer”

Façade: Helen Matthews

“The problem with wearing a façade is that sooner or later life shows up with a big pair of scissors.” I can’t remember where I got this nugget from, but it certainly does sum up this particular “Façade” by Helen Matthews. There’s the central metaphor – the family home – seized by entropy and fallingContinue reading “Façade: Helen Matthews”

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